A toothbrush is a toothbrush? And toothpaste is available in different tubes?

Our dental health deserves more attention than that!

People with healthy teeth will smile much more often! That's something we are certain about.
Do well cared for teeth immediately make you think of a flawless, radiant smile? That is the visible success of a diligent dental hygiene. Did you know that people with healthy teeth are also healthier in general? Bacteria in the mouth can cost us a lot more than just our radiant smile.

In recent years, there have been many studies showing the link between our dental and general health. Reason enough for novacare to use the latest findings to develop innovative products for a completely new kind of dental care.

At novacare, we do not focus on the competition, but on the latest research and proven studies. Only in this way, we can think ahead one step further. We have a critical look at the existing supply on the market. We rely on insights from other technical and medical fields. We dare to completely reinvent established dental hygiene products.

We rely on the combination of a specially developed micro silver and natural, biological extracts of various medicinal plants. Novacare products have a proven and efficient effect, which you will feel immediately after the first use.

Our innovative toothbrushes and toothpastes not only make you feel an immediate WOW effect in your mouth but are also proven to fight the growth of harmful bacteria.

We probably agree that there is no way around the daily brushing of our teeth. So why not do it with the maximum effect on your holistic health?