Universal brush head

Threefold performance boost in plaque removal

Novacare Universal-Aufsteckbürste antibakteriell mit Silber- & Bambuskohleborsten - selbstreinigend

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Our novacare universal brush heads guarantee the natural cleanliness of your brush by using the proven silver technology to ensure that bacteria do not stand a chance!

Innovative bristles - made in Germany - set new standards in plaque removal and provably clean three times as thorough as conventional brushes on the market.

The sensitive bristles of the novacare brush heads combine an absolute cleanliness in the mouth with a particularly long brush life and thus round off the overall tooth brushing experience with their excellent quality.

Available colours: light blue, pink, dark blue, yellow

Included accessories: resealable packaging for a hygienic transport while travelling

Bristle hardness


Innovative multi-filaments

Remove plaque three times as efficiently

High-end materials

Significantly prolong the product's durability

The latest silver technology

Guarantees the natural cleanliness