Preventive care toothpaste

Made of natural ingredients and micro silver

Novacare fluoridfreie, vegane Zahncreme

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Natural ingredients protect and care for your gums and thus contribute to your long-term oral health.

The nourishing effect of novacare toothpaste is additionally supported by the long-term effect of the silver particles.

The micro silver acts directly on the dental plaque so that, especially in hard to reach areas, plaque is reduced for up to 14 hours.

In addition, the liquefied toothpaste reaches the areas in the mouth the brush cannot and thus better protects your teeth.

Clinical studies with micro silver show a 3-fold prophylaxis effect against bacterial gingivitis, periodontitis and caries.

Gentle cleaning body

Gently dissolves
harmful dental plaque

Organic mint

Ensures freshness
and good breath

Prevents caries

Cariostatic effect
due to the xylitol formula


Free of nano particles


Tube made of
60% recyclable material

Natrue certificate

High-quality product
made in Austria

Without fluoride

Without sugar