Paraprobiotic for gum regeneration

Novacare fluoridfreie, vegane Zahncreme

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What do throat infections and periodontitis have in common? In both cases, pathogenic bacteria settle on the already slightly damaged mucosal barrier.

What happens if pathogenic germs adhere to a damaged mucosa? The mucosa gets irritated and becomes red and inflamed.

Now imagine, you could strengthen your mucosa so that these bacteria cannot adhere as easy as before.

ParoProtect supports exactly this effect. It strengthens the natural texture of the mucosa and calms inflammatory processes.

The paraprobiotic MiMLh5 and hyaluronic acid strengthen your mucosa and preserve it with a protective film. On top of that, a special pH buffer regulates the pH back to the natural range.

Protective film formation

Supports the natural texture of the mucosa

Integrated pH buffer

Supports the maintenance of the right pH value


A mixture of MiMLh5 and hyaluronic acid


One lozenge daily for 30 days

Acute phase

One lozenge 3-4 times a day