Enamel Repair Toothpaste

Enamel repair with zeolite and micro silver

Novacare fluoridfreie, vegane Zahncreme

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Our novacare strengthening toothpaste with zeolite serves as an ideal support for the regeneration of your enamel. The natural mineral complex with hydroxylapatite and calcium promotes remineralization and thus protects against tooth decay. The anti-cariogenic effect of xylitol strengthens the caries protection additionally.

The soothing and anti-inflammatory effects of aloe and turmeric round off your dental care in a natural way.

The proven technology with micro silver ensures a long-lasting protection against bacteria and dental plaque for up to 14 hours after brushing. The novacare repair formula thus ensures an optimally stressed enamel and restores its natural strength and resistance.

Hydroxylapatite and calcium

Support the remineralization of the enamel

Cariostatic effect

Thanks to the xylitol formula

Aloe and turmeric

Soothe the gums

Made from natural ingredients

Free of nano particles


Tube made of
60% recyclable material

Natrue certificate

High-quality product
made in Austria

Without fluoride

Without sugar