Children's toothbrush

With super-soft silver refined bristles

Novacare extra-weiche Kinderzahnbürste antibakteriell mit Silber- & Bambuskohleborsten - selbstreinigend

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Our novacare children's toothbrush with refined silver bristles sets new standards for a gum-friendly and sensitive cleaning.

The fine and ultra-soft bristles protect your child's teeth and gums and prevent micro injuries due to an excessive pressure during cleaning.

The use of refined silver bristles ensures a natural cleanliness - no matter where the Novacare children's toothbrush is stored - we ensure that bacteria do not stand a chance!

Available colours: turquoise, purple, orange, yellow

Included accessories: resealable packaging for a hygienic transport while travelling

Bristle hardness

Super soft

Ultra-thin bristles

Effectively clean the interdental spaces

Rounded bristles

Maximum protection for the teeth and gums

Innovative technology

Bristles refined with the purest silver