My dental care - My decision

We offer innovative products for a daily dental hygiene and enhance your quality of life by helping you improve and maintain your dental health at any age. We only offer products developed with scientific insights. Our dental hygiene products are technically innovative and 100% reliable.

Our history

These are the people behind novcare: Three innovative founders, who do not like the approach "that's how it has always been". With our technical-medical background and a passion for nature, we have the expertise for an ambitious plan: revolutionizing dental hygiene with the power of nature! The fascination for the unbelievable added value that the right dental care offers for our general health has always fascinated us. The idea for novacare originated from the intensive study of active ingredients and the enormous potential of natural resources. Our goal was to find the optimal application for these highly potent ingredients in dental hygiene. Alongside various experts, we continued to research and experiment until we had found a way to use the effect of precious metals known since Paracelsus in this area. The latest technology makes it possible to benefit from the ancient knowledge in an entirely new way and to develop innovative products.

As different as our CVs and attitudes are, when it comes to health, we are always on the same page. We both have high standards for useful consumer goods which were the starting seed for our business idea. It has helped to further develop our initial idea to offer effective and innovative products.

Kurt Steger, Viktor Wund and Thomas Hutter